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Xmas & New Years...GER vs. USA  |  EP 130

Happy New Years everyone! We wish you a safe and healthy 2023. 

The German Shuffle 14  |  EP 127

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 15.37.21.png
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However, the hosts of your favorite expat podcast are now on the app as well! CLICK HERE to see our special lesson (iPhone Link only).  We discuss phrases related to the Christmas season here in Germany.

KLEO on Apple App Store

KLEO Website

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Inside vs. Outside Berlin's "Ringbahn" |  EP 117


Berlin's "Ringbahn" (circle railway) is a circular public train route that surrounds Berlin's inner city area. It helps to connect the vast network of subway and above ground train lines that criss-cross the city, making transfers from one part of the city to the other much quick. However, beyond being a helpful public transit feature, it also acts as a dividing line for two different versions of Berlin.

To help all of you who don't live in Berlin have a better idea of the Ringbahn's location, please see the graphics below.

BVG Map_2.jpg

The Ringbahn (circle line) on the BVG public transit map.

Ringbahn Border - Close.jpg

The Ringbahn surrounding the "city center."

Berlin City Border - WIDE_2.jpg

Inside the Ringbahn vs. outside the Ringbahn.

Tourist Destinations: To Go, or Not to Go? |  EP 116


At the end of the episode we discuss Schloß (castle) Neuschwanstein and whether it is worthy of a visit. In case you were unaware of exactly which German castle we were talking about, see above. As mentioned, Walt Disney used it as his inspiration for Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland. 

Questions for a German: "Feli from Germany" |  EP 112


First of all, another special thanks to Felicia for joining us once more on the podcast. She's officially our longest running guest!

If you haven't already, please check out her YouTube channel. She posts really fun videos about the cultural differences between the USA and Germany and gives her unique perspective on living in the States as a foreigner.

On the top, she now has a podcast with her good friend Josh, who is an American living in Germany. Together, they compare and contrast many topics and have great guests, such as Alex and I :)

FELI FROM GERMANY youtube channel



The German Shuffle: 11 |  EP 110


During this week's "German Shuffle" we discussed Berlin's culture of dumping old furniture and other household items on its sidewalks. It didn't take us long to walk by a perfect example! We think placing smaller items that someone else will most likely take home and use, is a good form of recycling. However, placing larger items that no one will take, such as old mattresses or broken bedframes, is just being downright lazy. Below, is unfortunately, a normal example of what you see in some neighbourhoods in Berlin.


German Beer: The Sequel |  EP 107

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Kleo is a language learning app that offers a completely unique learning experience that sets it apart from all the other language learning apps we've tried over the years. The app teaches you with interactive videos in which your virtual tutor will teach you vocabulary, phrases, and grammar. They will then ask you questions regarding how to say a phrase, for example, and the virtual tutor will actually rate your pronunciation!


The Kleo app offers fun tutors to learn with, such as the hosts of your favorite expat podcast! That’s right, we have a special FREE lesson on the app that will teach you some useful phrases about ordering drinks at a local German pub.


What the heck is beg packing? |  EP 102


What are your thoughts about begpacking? Do you agree with us? Send us a message and let us know. If you'd like to see some examples of begpacking, check out this article here


As we mentioned, we had just celebrated the Easter weekend in Germany. Geoff and his girlfriend enjoyed a classic German "Osterfeuer" (Easter fire) at the Plötzensee lake in Berlin. Above is an image of the fire, which was quite large (the top of the flames reached around 5 meters tall).


Above is just a taste of the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin. During the episode, we informed you that this former amusement park will be renovated over the next few years and once again people will be able to enter (legally) to enjoy the space. If you'd like a quick look at the park and learn a little about its history, take a look at this 5 minute BBC documentary.

Driving Culture: Why City Planning Matters |  EP 101


During the episode when speaking about our childhood vehicles, Geoff mentioned he had once owned a decommissioned police car. Here it is, in all its glory:

main-front copy.JPG

100th Episode! Behind the Scenes |  EP 100


Believe it or not, we have now been around for 100 episodes! We're a bit shocked ourselves, to be honest. Today we recorded this very special episode, which included a live audience over instagram and a lot of "behind the scenes" stories. 

Recording this 100th episode brough us so much joy. It was humbling to see how many of you showed up to watch us live and ask us questions throughout. With so many people participating, the whole thing really felt like a group effort. This episode is now officially our favourite episode of the entire run of the podcast!

Click below to listen to our "21-Pop-Salute." This was created by gathering 21 of our best whiskey bottle opening sounds from the past two years of episodes.

Since this episode was all about the behind the scenes of our podcast, we thought we would include a few videoes below that show the set up and break down of our recording equipment. These videos were created for our YouTube channel about a year or so ago and and we have since then improved some of our equipment and changed the overall set up in order to improve recording conditions. Please excuse the fact that one of the videos is out of focus. 

00:00 / 00:19

Listener Travel Stories (Part 2) |  EP 97


One of the listener stories we read during this episode was from Kris. He said his secret to getting sun during the Berlin winters was to take cheap, one day trips to Mallorca. Kris was kind enough to share with us some photos from these sun filled trips:

The German Shuffle (9) |  EP 94


Here is one of the trash cans in Mauerpark that "holds your beer." These were added when the park was renovated about a year or so ago and we think they should be used throughout Berlin!

IMG_3798 2.HEIC

During our discussion about how people in Germany recycle their glass bottles, we gave two examples that are used by the majority of people living here. Firstly, many apartment buildings provide bins in their courtyards for residents to recycle their empty glass bottles. Sometimes, they even provide multiple bins, each for a different color of glass bottle. For Berliners that do not have glass recycling bins provided by their apartment building, they do have another option. Most neighbourhoods in Berlin have large glass bottle recycling containers in public spaces, for anyone to use. Below is an example we came across on a winter walk. The color of each container represents the color of glass bottle that should be placed inside.


Our European Travel Tips (3) |  EP 93


During this episode, we mentioned a scam that can be found in many European cities, especially in their respective city centres around locations tourists are likely to visit. This is known as the "food weight scam."

If you'd like to see the scam in action, the YouTube channel "Honest Guide" has a great video exposing how it works and you can watch it here

Take Me Home...USA vs. Germany |  EP 91


Geoff recently returned from a month long trip in the United States. It had been 2 years since he was able to visit or see his family! Oddly enough, the reason for staying away was the Covid-19 pandemic, and yet he ended up finally catching Covid during this trip. I guess it's sort of poetic, in a way?

Below are some photos that help better illustrate a few of the oddities we mentioned during the episode. Take a gander, eh?